Lazy Ways to Earn Swagbacks Part Two

Last time I discussed the lazy ways to earn Swagbucks, but promised to go more in depth on the shopping element.  You see I've tried the other rebate websites like Mr. Rebates and Ebates.  While those are well and good (easy to use), and Mr. Rebates will give you referral $$ for people who you get to sign up (AND on their actual shopping), they still have limits.  You either have to wait to hit $10/$15 which can take a lifetime, or wait for a certain time of the month.  Sure, you still have to wait for the purchase to 'clear' on Swagbucks, but once it does, regardless of amount or date, it's yours to spend.  Plus, while you are waiting for it to clear, you can be earning extra points.  See the last post on how to do that.

The cash back percents are also usually the same if not better than the other sites.  Occasionally you can't find certain ones like Lulu's, for example, on Swagbucks (but you should be using my code anyway, just kidding! not really...haha).  But it is a rarity.  

My FAVORITE is to shop on Hautelook/Nordstrom Rack through Swagbucks... here are the tricks.  When you want to pull up either of those sites, ALWAYS search for Nordstrom Rack.  For some odd reason, when you shop Nordstrom Rack you get 2% back, and on Hautelook you only get 1%.  But the secret is the two sites are interchangeable once you are on them (same shopping cart).  So always go through the Nordstrom Rack link.  Even if I clock over to the Hautelook side, I always make it a point to checkout under Nordstrom Rack.  For all I know it doesn't make a difference, but just in case right?

The cool part is that you can still use your Nordstrom rewards number when you check out.  Even more points! : )

Even better?  These sites seem to be really bad at tracking returns... so they don't usually punish you... just saying... (enter smiling devil emoji)

One more of a side note, if you have the Swagbucks bar and search downloaded on your computer, it sometimes alerts you that cash back is available on a site you ended up on (like eBay, or Amazon, etc.).

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