Why I Absolutely Refuse to Read Stories From PopSugar Home

Ok not really, but I AM annoyed.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this one just pissed me off due to the writer's actual hands on experience with the company they are dissing.  As you are probably aware, many of the furnishings in my newly remodeled home are from IKEA.  And guess what, taking into mind this is an investment property (long term flip) I ran the idea of IKEA past multiple real estate agents.  All of which who confirmed it was a great investment for the level of this particular home.  As a townhome, there is only a certain 'level' it can reach price-wise... regardless of putting in custom cabinets.

So guess what, my kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances (made by Whirlpool for IKEA), bathroom vanities, laundry room storage, office desk, nightstands, organization, and so much more are from IKEA, and I could not be happier with their look and feel.  I mean the soft close system of the cabinets are made by the top company in the world!

You might be confused by this frustrated post, but today I read an article from  PopSugar Home titled 'Why I Absolutely Refuse to Buy Anything From IKEA'.  I just happened upon it from the Yahoo! Home Page, so it's probably the only one I've ever read.

Here are the main points from the writer:

1. The Fails Seem Unavoidable, Predictable Even - To which they admit they have never actually purchased a piece of furniture from IKEA, and have only hear stories!

2. I Am Accident-Prone and Don't Trust Myself - That seems to be a personal problem... and one that doesn't really prove ANYTHING.

3. The Store Is a Consumer's Prison.  Have you ever tried to just do a quick "walk-through" of an Ikea? - Actually I have, dozens of times.  I have literally been in and out of IKEA (on several occasions) in less than 15 minutes... purchasing and everything.  Have YOU ever walked through an IKEA?  Because from the rest of your post, it doesn't seem like it.

4. I Bought One Thing and Am Unhappy With It.  I have bought exactly one thing from Ikea in all of my adulthood, and that's a mattress. - A MATTRESS!?!?!? Seriously?  You are judging an entire company not only on one single item, but a mattress?  First of all, mattresses of all expense levels are entirely subjective, secondly, I just read an article that rated IKEA mattresses as one of the best values of mattresses for 2016... of course I can't find it when I need it.  IKEA offers thousands of products of various levels of expense and design, but sure, you should totally write them off.

And good luck with your 'Casper' mattress, according to this 2016 study, you are only likely to enjoy that mattress 5% more than the IKEA one.

5. Ikea Furniture Doesn't "Spark Joy"  I want to value the objects I own, and I find that's hard to do with Ikea furniture, maybe because it's intended to be temporary and something that's tossed within a few years' use. - Yeah, totally, I'll just go throw away my kitchen now... you know the one that everyone walks in to and tells me how beautiful it is, and ask how can they re-create it in their home?  The one that is so fully cohesive with the rest of my home, because IKEA offers a full line of home items for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

But sure, you are correct, these rooms on Apartment Therapy are truly just awful.  And let's not forget the awesome ideas at Ikea Hackers.

I just can't.

PS, since you admit you are incapable of building anything, IKEA also offers a building service... just saying.

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