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I've been busy lately focusing on my Zazzle Stores because, well once it is up it is up!  It might sound crazy, but I think of it like a savings account... if you put in work/money now, then it will make interest/sales on it's own... but if it's not in there, it is not doing anything.  You see that is the beauty about Zazzle or the other print on demand types of websites, once you put in the initial work of creating your designs, they take care of the rest of the work.

I'm super excited about my two new stores which focus more on photos than the designs, illustrations, or sayings of my Pretty New, PostWODle, Bow Babes, and Basic Bitches stores, which I'm still working on as well.


Real Life Fun is truly that, real things that you see every day, but done (hopefully) in a fun manner.  So here you will see everything (in photo form) like candy and other sweets, like the vanilla wafers below, nature, toys, naturally occurring patterns, sports fields and more.


Nature is truly striking sometimes, and in the Elegance in Nature store, I am focusing solely on these types of images.  This whole store developed from the image of the white peony on the right (it is a coaster by the way).

If you are a photographer, or just a creative person in general, you should definitely consider selling on Zazzle.  Not super creative?  You can also become an affiliate and promote other people's items (like mine, please do, HAHA, just a joke, but seriously)

I have another store coming soon, Pet PAWrty, which has a fun Facebook page as well.

Speaking of, I have a few new Facebook Pages that I'd love you to follow! : )

Love Pretty New (yes this blog has one now!)
The Mug Daily (for you coffee mug fans!)
Found on Demand (tons of fun items from the print on demand world)

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